Experience and Knowledge

Dr. K is an educator who brings wellness related topics to life through real-world examples, evidence-based research and practical application for her audience.

Dr. K's education and experience provides a unique understanding of women, men, children and athletes of all ages and stages of life.

Dr. K connects with her audience through real life application of advanced knowledge in nutrition, health, fitness and more.

Dr. K can talk about potential topics of choosing or previous programs done by Dr. K. It can be done in a series of health talks for business, groups, classes, etc.

For more details or questions, please contact Dr. K at [email protected]

Health and Wellness Topics

Healthy Meal Plan and Prep, Eating Healthy on a Budget, Health in the Modern World, Healthy Living 101, Get Up and Get Moving, Blend it Up, Healthy Eating Lunch and Learn Series, Healthy Eating on the Go, Wellness Education 101, Healthy Moms Inside and Out, Family Health Forum, Integrative Options for Athletic Trainers, Motivation 101, Wellness and You, Immune Boosting and Healthy, Living, Turn Your Power On, Women's Health - Nutrition and Hormones

Sports Nutrition Topics

  • Nutrient Timing or Athletes
  • Nutrition for Wrestling
    Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
  • Supplements and Lean Muscle Mass Gain for Athletes
  • Protein Intake for Athletes
    Recovery Nutrition
  • Sports Specific Nutrition for Football, Soccer, Cross-Country, Volleyball and Golf






  • Carroll University Student Affairs, Athletics, Sports Medicine Club, Nursing program, Physical Therapy program and more
  • Wisconsin Athletic Trainers Association
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Wisconsin Chapter
  • Fox River Christian Church
  • STRATTEC Corporation
  • Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin Sports Nutrition Series for Area High Schools
  • JCPenney Corporation
  • Muskego High School Athletics
  • Waukesha West High School Wrestling


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